The "Szoke Tisza" would be 100 years old

13. 08. 2018.

The "Szőke Tisza" ship – which was built 101 years ago, and it has been dying for 17 years, and which’s ownership has been changed several times – has been remembered in the past few days in Szeged. The most valuable pieces of the ship (already under protection) are still under water. In May last year, the state abandoned their right of pre-emption of the same.

Last year, the "Délmagyar Online" – on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary – did write, that the "Szőke Tisza" ship did sink in 2012, at it’s winter harbor in Tápé, and the wreck was sold for 4.8 million forints to a metal dealer, after the Cultural Heritage Institute’s (Kulturális Örökségvédelmi Hivatal – "KÖH") expert did judge: the ship is inexcusable.

At that time, KÖH was replaced by "Forster Gyula" National Heredity Management and Service Center (Nemzeti Örökséggazdálkodási és Szolgáltatási Központ), which’s workshop surveillance office did prescript the salvage of: the mast bar, the mast sole, the chimney bending mechanism, the anchor winch, the ventilation horn, the 3 cylinder expansion steam engine, the steering mechanics–steering system, the rudder, the steam auxiliary steering, the flywheel shaft, the shaft bearing and the manufacturing board of the ship.

At the time of announcement the defense of the above mentioned items, it was also a viewpoint, that – during a possible reconstruction – the most important elements and componets will be available, and which could be restored. Therefore the rescue of these parts of the "Szőke Tisza" was connected to the rescue of the same, and the works began in October 2012. The marked parts should have been passed on to the Heritage Institute. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and further more, the demolition company also announced the bankruptcy, so the bottom iron structure of the ship is still in the water, along with the most valuable items. This year even the "Forster Gyula" National Heredity Management and Service Center was eliminated, it’s duties are carried out by the minister, responsible for the protection of the cultural heritage.

The Prime Minister's Press Office told us – concerning the future of the ship and its declared parts – that the ship has a new owner since May this year, the state waived its right of pre-emption of the declared protected parts and the supervisory authority did look after the protected items. "The exhortation of the ship, and removing the elements that can be saved, is no longer a task of the Prime Ministry, which also acts as the objects monitoring authority!" – they said.

Mr. Tamás Balogh, president of the TIT Shipping History Association did take part in the ship's memorial day in Szeged. He said, he will write a book about the "Szőke Tisza" ship. Mr. Árpád Szilágyi hopes, that this book will also answer,whether the parts, unloaded from the ship, will end at a museum or they will be re-installed somewhere. For now, they do not know, when and who will lift-up the shipwreck.